Happy Christmas from the Flock!


This year's holiday card photo session was expertly planned.  I would put a backdrop in the back yard, sprinkle out a few Christmas bobbles, pop a squat with my camera, and wait for the ladies' natural curiosity to handle the rest.

What I didn't count on?  The two hour time slot I left myself to get this done in was cold!  Much too cold for me to want to hang out and wait on the girls to do something cute.  Also--in their arbitrary chicken wisdom--the girls decided the ornaments were something scary, and did not want a darned thing to do with them.  

After several more polite attempts to entice them over, the plan was scrapped and the goal became just to plunk one down in the middle of my set-up and fire off as many shots as I could get.  Tori was the most easily caught, although it was only after quite a chase.  (They really do have quite keen instincts about when something is "up".)  As you can see, she was plopped down, she took a look around, and then she was gone again.

Ah well, it all worked out nonetheless!

Here's wishing a happy and cozy holiday to all!  May your nests be well-feathered and your scratch-treats plentiful!