Last Minute Nesty Knitting

The weekend before Christmas, I popped the final season of the Tudors in the DVD player, sat on the couch, pulled out some knitting, and did not much move for about 36 hours.  (Well, other than sleeping and peeing and trips to the fridge for peanut butter balls.)

I really should do that every year, as it was great for getting some last minute presents done.


About mid-December, both Sweet Husband and my Dear Friend made hint-laden comments about needing some warm winter gear--Sweet Husband, a scarf; Dear Friend, a hat.  Both gentleman received a bit of an eye-roll.  (The knitters-in-the-house understand, I know.  Asking for knitted Christmas presents?  Just two-weeks before Christmas?)  

I'll confess through, the eye-roll was more to throw them off the scent than anything else, as I pretty much intended from the start that they should both get their Christmas wishes.  (Details here and here.)

And a warm cowl that went to my Nice Auntie.  I chose the color for her favorite team, which happens to be my favorite team's rival.  *Assuming mock-martyr voice.*  It was a sacrifice, but I made it through somehow..... (Details.)
Last, but not least, a pair of pants for the babe--these done, you will notice, in the correct team colors.  ;)  Well, almost done, actually, as I ran out of yarn a few inches from the end and am waiting on another skein to finish up.