A Basketball Game in a Basketball Town

I grew up in a football town.  While I was never a huge fan, I always appreciated the atmosphere.  Crisp Fall days.  Hot cocoa and blankets.  Teams of men smashing into each other on pristine green fields.  

But I've made my home in a basketball town.  

The adjustment was a little hard at first--kind of like resetting your sleep patterns for school days at the end of summer vacation.  It moves sports watching to an entirely different part of the year, after all.  Instead of gearing up in October or November, things don't really get going until after Christmas.  And, well, basketball is an indoor sport so that alters the feel of it quite a bit too.  

In Lawrence though, it's hard not to enjoy it.  The history alone is pretty cool--our first coach invented the game, after all.  And, not to be immodest, but our team is consistently awesome, which makes for exciting watching.  I'll always be a fair-weather-and-when-it's-convenient fan, but basketball is growing on me.

So, for Christmas presents this year, Sweet Husband and I decided to have the family up to watch a game at Allen Fieldhouse.

As with most early season games, the result was a forgone conclusion, but it's always fun to watch our guys win.  'Specially in such good company!