Baby Chick Temptations

IMG_4321We had to buy a dozen eggs at the end of December.  The shorter days--and corresponding lower egg production from the ladies--coincided perfectly with a small New Year's Eve breakfast-for-dinner gathering, which led to a demand that exceeded the ladies' supply.  

The substandard eggs--that's not nice considering that they were farm fresh and no more than a week old, but we're spoiled brats about fresh eggs now--timed up perfectly with an email from My Pet Chicken, urging me to get my order in early for my 2011 chicks.  While we probably will get more chicks in the future, we're only zoned for about 10 total.  Since we have six already, it makes more sense to wait another year before getting a second batch so that any new chickens will be going into prime egg production close to the time our current ladies start to do less layin' in their middle age.

But, ohmygoodness do baby chick pictures make it hard to press "delete"!

Don't worry.  I was strong.  No new critters at the Hacienda this year....  

And pretty Ingrid rewarded me with one little brown egg on New Year's Eve Day to show that she's coming out of her molt and ready to start laying again.  Here's the December count:

Kaki and Ella: 26 

Macy: 12

Alanis: 15

Ingrid: 1

Tori: 0 (still molting this month)

TOTAL: 54 eggs  

A little down from the 80 and 90 eggs of the past few months, but it seems that's to be expected.  It's awfully cold and dark out there!