And This Will Be His Room


Our formerly very spare, spare 'oom has been made over in anticipation of the small one's arrival.  

I went back and forth a lot on whether to do a "nursery" with all the "stuff" that entails.  We've really gotten a lot better about questioning purchases for ourselves, ("Do we really need that?  What isn't working about what we have now?") and, of course, that will go for the kiddo too.  

But when you're having a first baby it's hard to tell what you'll need and what you won't.  Thankfully, we got a lot of hand-me-downs from friends, but otherwise, I tried to choose carefully.  While different people have different opinions, of course, I couldn't see the need for a wipe warmer or a bottle rack or a swing or even a stroller, to start with.  (It will be February.  We have two slings.  And the stores will still be there in the Spring if we change our minds--or better yet, it will be garage sale season!)  In truth, the thought of getting all that stuff--and having to find places for it and clean around it and so on--stresses me out more than any possible convenience it could least, that's what I think right now, anyway.

One big item that we did decide to go ahead and buy is a crib.  We're going to give co-sleeping in our room a go, at least, but I wanted a) a place to put the baby down safely for naps, and b) to have everything set up for flexible sleeping arrangements depending on what our bub ends up preferring.  Now we have all sorts of options--the kiddo can sleep with us, we can move the crib into our room, we can let him sleep in his own room, he can sleep in the bathtub....I kid, but I do think it a good idea to be adaptable.  Parenting theories are fascinating, but where the rubber hits the road, we'll do what it takes to get him to sleep!

The bed, which we did not want to get rid of as it's our only guest accommodation, got some extra pillows and a new set of mostly Meryl-made coverings to turn it into a more couch-like-object.  (Thanks again to Lovely Amazing Sewing Friend who helped out with the finishing bits of the duvet cover when I got achy and frustrated.)
Baby3[Blankets galore, and books down at small person level.]  

And speaking of the handmade parts, can I just say, I'm reveling in the fact that I have such crafty friends.  It's like karma is wrapping me up in a fluffy quilt, handing me a cup of cocoa, and kissing me on the forehead.  Beautifully made blankets and burp clothes, little outfits, and even a nice stack of handmade makes me all warm just thinking about it.  I know I'm repeating myself, but to me a knitted blanket is like a thousand good wishes made tangible--it's nice to have them directed my way.

Also--and maybe there is some correlation with above--the books!  While some are my treasured childhood favorites, we've gotten so many from friends and family too.  One friend even very wisely got the Peapod his own copy of "Beedle the Bard", so he wouldn't have to fight me for mine.  (The kid is welcome to my life's blood, but the Harry Potter books we may have to negotiate....)  
Baby2[Our diaper changing spot and the current winning candidate for "homecoming outfit".]

I wanted to use the top of the dresser (painted here) as a changing table, but there was not enough room for a changing pad and the necessary diapering bits (diaper cream, a bottle for wetting wipes, etc.).  So--a touch of IKEA--I hung a towel rail from the wall and added some baskets and hooks for holding things.  I was a little worried that the baskets would swing too much to be secure, but it's actually all quite sturdy.  

The diapers are in the top drawer of the dresser for easy access, and our wipes fit perfectly in an old CD crate I found at the flea market.


[A rocking chair, and old and new friends, all ready to roll.]

The rocking chair was an awesome freebie from Nice Also-Pregnant Friend who did not want to use it in her own nursery.  I've already spent a decent amount of time testing it out, and, with the soft throw and pillow on the seat, it's comfortable enough to linger in.

And tucked in the crib (for now) are a couple of little friends.  The bunny is a new pal, knitted by Dear Friend.  Sleepy Time (the puppy) is getting ready to become "real" (in the words of the Skin Horse) for a third generation now--quite the pedigree.  I keep intending to help him out with a little new stuffing one of these days, but he's charming as-is too, so it hasn't been top priority.


And a little mobile for fun.

The paper cranes came from the little flock I made last Fall.  The stick came from the back yard.  And the buttons came from our first shower, at which I specifically requested that everyone bring a button or bead as a "good wish" for the baby.  Some people brought vintage-y buttons, some more symbolic.  (The frog, for example, was from Nice Cousin, who explained that it was meant to be a memento of Sweet Husband's and her grandfather who was an avid frog collector.)  I think the combination of it all ended up quite pleasing, if I'm allowed to say so myself.

Not pictured?  A closet full of clothes, which, thanks to a spurt of industriousness last week are all washed and ready to go.  I know this will hurt my tough-as-nails reputation (har-har), but every few days I have to go in, open the closet door, and just look at them all.  Despite the frequent head-butts to my girlie parts--I believe he may actually be trying to tunnel out--it's still a little hard to believe that there will be a that-sized person here soon.