A Knitted-For-Me Shawl

I don't know about shawls.  They seem a little grandmotherly, yes?  And a nice wrap around sweater--have we discussed my love of those yet?--serves the same purpose, while not falling off the shoulders.

Nonetheless, about three months ago, I decided that, impractical and fusty as they may be, I wanted one.  

I think, along with many knitters, I have a tiny issue.  I knit for my husband, I knit for friends and family, I knit for my kiddo (and he's not even here yet), I knit for my dogs (unappreciative beasties that they are)....but it's very rare that I make something for myself.  So, even though it seemed a little frivolous, I decided to make myself a shawl.

That was a good idea.  

It's like one of my beloved wrap sweaters got together with a blanket, and they had a baby that has all the good parts of both of them.  And my fears about shoulder slippage--while not completely misplaced--were greatly overrated.  It actually stays put fairly well.  What's more, I suspect it may be nice be for nursing-coverage purposes as well, because it's super soft.

Details are here.