Whenever You're Ready, Sir

Yes, this could still go on for more than a month, but we're not going to talk about that today.  Because today, we officially have a full-term, 37 week-old, decorated, little fetus.  (Henna might be more traditional, but I think Crayola makers are the way to go!)

In addition to making it to that marker, I also got his bringing-home quilt finished.  Finally.

I started this one over two-and-a-half years ago, when Nice Mom-In-Law pulled out this old quilt to sit on for firework watching on the Fourth of July.  After fiddling with it for awhile, I finally got it into usable quilt blocks a year-and-half-ago.  

And then I stalled out.

The quilt sat in my upstairs cabinet with several other unfinished orphans, until this Fall when the project--which was always intended as something special for our kiddo, even though he was merely a glimmer in my eye when this all began--developed a little urgency.

I tried to quilt it myself, but got frustrated.  Plus, I thought it was going to make my little sewing machine blow up.  I ended up farming that step out to our local quilt shop, and just before New Year's I got a call that it was ready.  The only thing left to do was the binding.Knitting

After a perplexing night of making binding tape with Sweet Husband's help--during which I declared tiredly, "I think you're kind of better than other husbands"--and an afternoon of pinning and stitching....

....well, it has all sort of little flaws, but it's finished!

So, our "safe date" is passed and the quilt is finished.  Small man, you may now arrive anytime you would like.  

(And not to rush you--take all the time you need, of course--but if it's all the same, sooner would be really cool....)