It's January, Therefore I Knit

Not that I don't knit all the other months of the year, but January is usually a little more prolific.  And this year may be a little worse than usual, as I'm being aided and abetted by Mr. Jim Hawkins and Captain Long John Silver.

One night not long ago Sweet Husband discovered his cell phone also functions quite well as an e-reader.  He downloaded Treasure Island--just to test it out--and read the first chapter aloud.  

Then he tried to stop right where the story starts getting good.  Can you believe that? 

I objected, so he continued reading and we've gone on that way, a chapter or two a night, him reading, me knitting....


A sunshine-y colored kicking bag.  (Ravelry details.)

The completed Rock Chalk Britches.  (Ravelry details.)
An "Odessa" hat and a goofy little earflap hat that are currently winging their way to (*mysteriously*)...oh, someone or other.  (Ravelry here and here.)


Another thing the phone does?  Makes videos.  Is it dorky that I can almost hypnotize myself watching myself knit?