Postcard from Rooster Heaven

Nice Co-Worker sent me these pictures of Norah (far left) the other day, and I just have to share.  

If you recall, Norah was one of our original baby chicks.  But when she turned out to be a rooster instead of a hen, it was eat her ourselves or find a new home for her.  (No crowing roos allowed in town.)  Nice Co-Worker's family has a gorgeous farm in the country and didn't mind having an extra beak to feed, so that's where Mr. Norah ended up.

Apparently, she's living the good life there.  (I still have trouble with the gender pronouns.)  She and their other rooster have become BFFs, and I like to imagine them trolling for the ladies together.

And have you ever seen such a pretty rooster?  I always thought her color was nice, but now that her tail has grown in, that's one beautiful bird!