Pursuits for Passing the Time

We are so very much in waiting mode here at the Hacienda del Hosta, trying to distract ourselves to make the time pass.  Aside from one little "maybe this is it" that quickly dissipated, and lots of kicks, all is quiet on the baby front.  And, although I believe Lovely Midwife when she says it's better for the baby to bake right up to 40 weeks, the planner in me can't help but wish this was all a bit more predictable.  The "it could be Valentine's day or it could be later today" is sweetly maddening.

Plus, I am huge-mongous.  Each day I wake up thinking, "This has to be the day--he can't possibly get any bigger in there...."  And each day I find that, in fact, he has somehow made more room for himself.  It's kind of like when Moe sneakily inches between Sweet Husband and I in bed in the middle of the night.  I am more aware of where the wee man's bottom is than I am of my own.


But anyway, some of our pursuits for passing the time....

....Capper's magazine.  At Thanksgiving, Sweet Husband's grandmother (famous in the family for her choices of magazine-subscriptions-as-Christmas-gifts), told me she was going to get us a subscription to Capper's magazine.  She said she remembered reading stories from the magazine aloud with her family when she was a child, and she thought we'd enjoy the bits about chickens and gardening and so forth.

The first issue arrived last week, and it's been a source of amusement every since.  In addition to the very useful stories about chickens and seed saving and mini-tractors (Sweet Husband is now obsessed with figuring out how we could justify owning a mini-tractor), the classified ads in the back are a hoot.

A sample:

TEN CLEAN JOKES $10.  Send $10 and Self Adress Stamped envelop to:  William Scheibmeir, 1336 North Walnut, Iola, KS 66749.

Garden 2011
....Doodling out garden plans.  I found a fun piece of software for this here.  (30 day trial is free, after that it's $25 a year.)  I don't know if I will spend the money to keep it permanently, but it's nicer than a piece of scratch paper.  And when you're done planning, it gives you a shopping list to take to the nursery to buy seeds and plants.  (Apparently, some people actually make a shopping list and stick to it--who knew?)

....Baking bread.  We were out having breakfast Sunday morning, when Sweet Husband said words that made my heart go pitter-patter: "I think I might go home and bake some bread this afternoon."

And to encourage him in his endeavor, I fulfilled on a promise I made last Winter and made him a pair of bread bags in which to store said bread.  They're just drawstring bags made from tea towels (inspiration here), but they're supposed to be the bee's knees for keeping homemade bread yummy and fresh.