Talking Colors


I find that as I delve more deeply into the madness that is yarn hoarding, certain yarns have a way of telling me what they want to be and where they want to go.  Sometimes it's the texture--a little nubbiness, smooth and silky--but most often it's the color.

Like, there is a certain shade of blue that always screams "Cutie Niece" to me.  It so happens that it's just about the color of her eyes, but it's more than that.  One day Nice Mom was telling me a funny story about something she had said, and chuckled at the end, "She's so literal about things...."  And that's just it.  Not to jump to flights of poetry, but she's as clear and straightforward as the sky in the Spring after it rains--a sort-of cornflower blue.

And so it was with this pretty yarn.  It was originally a birthday gift from a friend that I knitted into a cowl for myself.  But the cowl just wasn't working for me, so I frogged it.  Then I stared at it for awhile, considered it carefully, and one day it let me know that it was just the thing for Nice Aunt.  The amount of yarn dictated something small--a scarf or a hat--and this is where I ended up....


...a quick, chunky-lace concoction, in rainbow.  Just the thing for February snowstorms!  (Ravelry info.)