Knitting. A lot.

So, I'm knitting.  A lot.

The end of January is always a little prone to being slow.  Garden planned.  Check.  House clean.  Check.  Bags packed.  Check.  

I've checked out just about every book on animal husbandry our library has, imaginary pets being a hobby of mine.  I've decided against rabbits (too cute, too much like terrier prey), but for pigs (bacon=yes, please).  The jury is still out on turkeys, but I think I'd like a few if further research reveals I can raise them near chickens.  And definitely some goats, of course.  After all, I'll need their fleece for my imaginary yarn spinning.

I'm also thinking about rearranging my fabric stash--and may yet--but so far the sitting on the floor for two hours part has deterred me.  Another impediment is that I haven't hit on the best way to reorganize it yet, and just pulling it all out and refolding it seems a waste of energy.

And--in news that's actually relevant--we've decided on a name, I think.  No, I'm not telling you.  No, not even if you gave birth to me.  My complete lack of poker face has verified a few accurate guesses, but otherwise I'm trying not to jinx it.  And it's not super set-in-stone yet, so it's not technically lying when I tell people we're still not sure.  

But I have been testing it out here and there for two or three weeks, and so far it seems to be sticking.  There is a little matter regarding the spelling to be resolved...and we're going to have to come up with some sort of blog name too, preferably one that I haven't already used for the dog...but that's small potatoes.

Other than that...I'm knitting.  A lot.

In fact, I thought about it the other day and realized I have three sweaters, all waiting for nothing more than sleeves.  (These two are much further along now than they were when I last photographed them.  They're much more in-focus in real life too.)

Plus, a finished tank top and some cable-y hats for other people's babies.

And then I started sweater number four the other day.

I'm keeping my promise to myself re: limiting the number of infant sweaters that get made--so far these are all in next-year-sizes.  However, depending on how things go (I say that a lot lately), I may have to get some cotton and whip up a tiny Spring jacket.  (I say "depending" but really I'm already trying to track down the specific yarn I want, so you should take that with a grain of salt.)

So, yeah...knitting.  A lot.