From the Breakfast Table

I believe I've mentioned that, as part of the division of labor in our household, Sweet Husband is in charge of the weekend breakfasts.  And now that just standing in the kitchen sipping coffee and watching makes me tired (*whine*), I've migrated to a dining room chair.  From there, I can nicely keep company, read interesting bits from the paper aloud, and, of course, knit a few rows of this or that.

The dogs seem to approve.  Each of them were happy to find a square of sunlight to nap in and wait for breakfast.

And what was breakfast, you may ask?

A darned awesome frittata.  Potatoes, eggs (courtesy of the Misses Ingrid and Lani), gouda, scallions, and just a touch of bacon grease to keep it all from sticking to the pan.  The pups had to make do with it plain (poor babies, I know), but I took mine with a nice lug of sour cream on top.