He's Holding Out For More Sweaters

I snuck in early for my 40 week midwife appointment this afternoon.  The good news is, it doesn't look like there's much fear we'll have to dash out to have a baby in the middle of this blizzard that's supposedly on the way.  And, as tedious as being 10 months pregnant is, I can't say I blame him for staying put a few more days.  (And, as further silver lining, I'm getting to hole up and hide-out too, so....)

I've got it figured out.  My child is a future clotheshorse.  He's been spying on us from his convenient spot in utero, and has realized that the longer he stays in, the more sweaters I will have time to knit for him.  Once he's out, I'll have to take time to take care of him, but as long as he hangs out inside, I have fairly unfettered knitting time.  Not even born yet, and the little bugger is already outsmarting me--but I can't say it's not good strategy....


A classic little blue pullover for next Fall.  (Details.)


An itsy-bitsy kimono, made from the leftovers from the first sweater.  It will literally fit for five seconds, but I had the yarn and the pattern was a freebie....and, well, tiny things are just cute!  (Details.)
IMG_4906The ongoing saga of the tomten sweater coat.  I started this with two skeins of yarn, and quickly realized it just wasn't going to get done (in a size fit to wear next Winter) without a third.  Now I'm down to just about two-thirds of the third skien, with only the sleeves to go.  

Can it be finished without ordering more yarn?  The suspense is killer!  (Details.)
A little green hoodie, again, for next year.  (Details.)  I'm trying to keep one "no-thought-required" project cast-on for early labor distraction purposes, and right now this is it.  The problem is that I'm blowing through the easy parts pretty fast.  At this rate, the Kid will be well-sweatered enough to please even the most extreme little fashionista.  

(D'ya hear that Kiddo?  There are lots of sweaters out here...maybe next weekend you could come check them out?)