Half a Moe of Snow

I've been practicing for my maternity leave this week.  Holed up at home because of the snow.  Not much contact with other humans.  Not much incentive to go outside.  For as much as I've been daydreaming about getting to lock myself away and give in to the sloth over these past few weeks, the reality has been a bit less exciting.  I took a two hour nap this afternoon, just because I was bored.

I think it will be more exciting when there's a baby to take care of.  A little bit of rhythm to the day, new challenges and all of that.  But for today my cabin fever must have been showing on my face, because when Sweet Husband got home, his first words were, "Let's get you out of the house for a while...."

So we booted-and-bundled and leashed up the pups.  The only coat that will button over my belly these days is Sweet Husband's huge parka, which covers me from ears to knees--quite the effect, particularly when combined with my baby-waddle, but it is warm.  

The snow--about 8 inches according to the weather people--came up to Moe's belly, and it was terribly funny watching him try to poop without letting it touch his bum.  And, of course, there was some fetch-with-snowballs, one of Moe-moe's favorite winter sports.

Porter was enjoying the excursion as well, until she unexpectedly walked into a snow drift and got high-centered.  After being rescued and carried to better shoveled sidewalks she was done humoring the rest of us, so we headed home.

(And thankfully, it looks like work is back open tomorrow morning!)