Making Goals, Playing Dress Up

Unsurprisingly, I have very little to talk about that doesn't revolve around the question "Hungry, tired, or poopy?"  I expect that will be the case for awhile, although I'm hoping to get into more of a rhythm this week now that we're getting past sheer "keep everyone alive" mode.  (We almost lost the fish, but some fresh water worked miracles.)

The good news is apparently, now that he's being well-fed and packing on the pounds (back to his birth weight plus a little as of Monday), we got one that sleeps!  At least for now, we're getting some good three hour stretches at night, plus a couple of good naps during the day.  It's lovely!

However, in just the day and a half that we've been on our own I've discovered that it's incredibly hard for me not to have any type of schedule or plans.  I think if I'm going to make this maternity leave thing work we're going to have to make some reasons to get out of our pajamas each day.  So far the Kiddo has only left the house with both Mom and Dad, but he and I may have to start having some coffee dates for just the two of us before long.  I'm a little scared to leave the house with him all on my own, which is all the more reason to just go do it, yes?

In the meantime, I've been having fun rotating him through some of his knitted blankets and sweaters.