Moe Speaks: My New Small Human Slave

I've long suspected something was up with Mom.  She hasn't let me snuggle on her tummy for months now, and, really, she was too fat for me to snuggle there anyway.  Apparently, she was growing a small human in there, and a few weeks ago he finally came out to play with me.

Except he doesn't seem to want to play much yet.  Mostly he just sleeps and makes poo.  And cries--I do not like it when he cries.  It sets me all a dither, and I whine at Mom and Dad so that they'll take proper care of him and make him stop.  

In general, I like the smell of him.  (Although, for some reason, Mom objects to me putting my cold nose on his forehead when he's sleeping.)  I think, with time, I will be able to train him to be a quite useful Welshie slave.  Perhaps we'll raise him up to be my exclusive ball-thrower, yes?