Seeds of Spring

I was on the phone with Nice Grandma the other night, when she informed me that "the almanac says we're going to have snowstorms into March this year."  

Grrr....I'm one of the biggest snow fans around, but this year I'll be so happy to see Spring, or at least some semblance of it.  The Kiddo and I are ready for some nice long walks in the fresh air. 

But it's coming.  This past weekend, even with a fresh few inches of snow on the ground, I ducked out to the Second Annual Kaw Valley Seed Fair.  

And this year I was just a teeny bit proud to have my own seeds to share from the luffa gourds we grew last year.  It's kind of perfect because I originally got the seeds for my gourds at last year's seed fair--very "completing the circle" and all of that.

In exchange, I picked up a few new seeds for our 2011 garden.  I got two flowers--a "Wild Yellow Marigold" and a "Willow Leaf Sunflower"--some "Peruvian Brown Cotton", and a beautiful "Nebraska Red Popcorn".