Guess Who's Back?

The ducks.   Or, at least, the white egg laying ducks.  And Tori too.  Which means we're getting close to having the full contingent laying again--everyone but Macy--at least until Alanis-the-Super-Trooper decides to take a break.  

I think it's a little ironic that our Easter-Egger chicken (Alanis) is quite possibly going to be the only chicken not laying eggs for Easter.  She hasn't stoped laying since she started in mid-October, but she has to take a break sometime soon, so chances are good that she might be "off" for part of March and April.

The February tally...Ingrid 21, Tori 10, Alanis 13, Kaki and Ella 4...for a total of 48 beautiful eggs.