Working On It

I feel like this is becoming a ghost blog lately.  But the big news today is that we all went for a walk to the park together--Mom, Dad, Baby, Pups.  Moe only tried to kill us once.  (He stopped to sniff the ground in the middle of a busy street.  Smart.)  It's not exactly gripping reading...or writing, for that matter, but there you go.

Also, I took a shower without Sweet Husband home to watch the baby.  Porter watched the Kid sleep, Moe got locked into the bathroom with me, and I had a whole ten minutes of hot watery bliss.   

And as I was rinsing the shampoo out of my hair, I had a thought.  

Taking care of a baby really isn't that hard.  It's mostly keeping ahead of the dishes (clean bottles) and the laundry (clean diapers and spit-up free clothes) and spending time snuggling (and that's the fun part).  

Taking care of myself is also quite do-able.  Showers, fresh air, coffee, something to think about, something to do with my hands, and a glass of wine now and then--I do not have complicated requirements.  

Taking care of us both at the same time?  We're still working on that.  And by that I mean, I'm still working on taking care of me, because obviously, where there's a conflict, he wins.  

But today I hit three out of six--the shower, the fresh air, and Sweet Husband brought me a latte--so maybe I'm getting better at it.

(And you should see how big the Kiddo's eyes get everytime we take him outside.  Makes my day just to watch him take it all in.)