A First Day of Spring, Among Other Firsts

I don't remember my first trip to Grandma's house, but I know that I was about three weeks old and it was the first time I ever flew on a plane.  I can remember being quite proud of that when I was little--"I flew on an airplane when I was only three weeks old!"  

Now I'm just proud of my parents.  Granted, I'm sure facing my grandparents had they decided to not go home for Christmas would have been scary too, but still...the bags to be packed...the worrying about forgetting things...the actually forgetting things...the dirty looks from fellow passengers....

This weekend was the Kiddo's first trip to see his Grandmas (and a Grandpa too).  No plane ride--just a very peaceful car trip.  (Again, he sleeps--yay!)  

We spent a lot of time making the rounds of family and friends who had yet to meet our small man.  Just about every time he woke up, he was being held or fed by someone different.  The extra hands were delightful, but it tickled me that, for the first time, he seemed to be tracking and looking for Mom and Dad's voices.  (Maybe he does know who we are.)

Another first?  He seems to have discovered that he has hands and feet.  Between the dogs and our hard floors, we haven't had nearly enough "wiggle on the floor" time at home.  Grandma's house works better for that, and--when people could be convinced to put him down--he spent several hours marveling at the fact that he has limbs that he can control.  And those hands?  They also work great for pulling Mom's hair....

But on to the first day of Spring.  

A beautiful day.  Both Grandmas + Sweet Sister and Cutie Niece + Two Kites and Some Bubbles.  The Kid snoozed under a shade tree, while the rest of us ran to and fro laughing our heads off, trying to get the kites up.  And if there were more crashes and burns than successful flights, I don't think anyone had less fun for it!