Photo(Love) Wall


One of my more recent January traditions is to refresh the photo wall that lines our stairway.  After a year of getting bumped and manhandled by the Kid's sticky fingers, it's usually time for the photos to be replaced.  More than that, though, I enjoy going back through the year and picking new favorites to hang up.

As one might guess, I always end up with a lot of pictures of the Kid (and now Little Miss, too), but--with space for about 100 photos--I do try to make sure all of our near-and-far family and friends are represented.  The Kid loves going through and pointing everyone out.

I typically order 4x4 prints from Mpix, but this year I decided to try something new.  These "polaroid-style" prints are from a company called PhotoLove.  

The print quality isn't quite as good--so few places are--and these were something like $20 more expensive to do the whole wall.  But they're printed on a thicker, cardstock-like paper so I think they should curl less by the end of the year.  Further, PhotoLove is set up to slurp (is that a technical term? it should be) directly from Flickr, Instagram, and etc., so it eliminated the clunky step of downloading and then re-uploading my photos.

And those silly fake polaroid frames are just so darned cute--I can't resist them!