There's a Placenta in My Freezer

Our last appointment at the Birth Center was today.  I am officially a healthy non-pregnant person.

As we were saying our thank-yous and good-byes, Lovely Midwife asked, "Oh, by the way, did you still want your placenta?"

During our childbirth class, the teacher told us that one thing to think about was whether or not we wanted to save the placenta.  We laughed, but on the way home I got to thinking aloud to Sweet Husband, "You know, it seems like kind of a waste to just throw it away...I certainly don't want to eat it or encapsulate it or anything like that, but maybe we should compost it or something?"

We didn't discuss it any further until after the Kid was born.  I was in the throes of the new-baby-love-high and Sweet Husband was having post-birth-PTSD, so when Lovely Midwife asked if we wanted it, it made sense to just say yes.  It was fascinating to look at, and after all, we could always just get rid of it later.

But then somehow--in the craziness of remembering all of our clothes and toiletries and, oh I don't know, the baby--we ended up leaving it in the birthing room.  I assumed it had just been thrown away, until this morning when Lovely Midwife asked if we still wanted it.  

Of course, at that point I felt like we needed to take it.  They had nicely saved it for us for six weeks, so it seemed sort of ass-hat-y to just say "toss it".  Plus, I spent nine months bulking that puppy up with nutrients--the idea of wasting it was still sad to me.

So now it's in our freezer.  In that white lunch sack.  Next to the chocolate chips.  (Don't worry, it's triple bagged.)

I've thought of composting it, but I'm afraid the chickens will eat it.  We could use it as fertilizer to plant a bush or tree in the Kiddo's honor.  But where would we put it?  And then what if we kill the bush?  That seems like bad luck, and I kill way more plants than I keep alive.

I think maybe this is why our family convinced us to just serve the top of our wedding cake at the reception.  Because once you keep it, it becomes this thing.  Too imbibed with meaning to just get rid of, but what the hell do you do with it?  

It'll still be in the freezer when he graduates from college.  When his first date comes over, we can show it to her in lieu of baby pictures.  

Yeah...we've really got to figure out what to do with this thing soon.