And I Was Worried About Having Enough Eggs


I knew that we'd had our first few "all bird" days this month--that's our egg tally sheet code for days when everyone lays an egg--but when I hit "total" on the egg count for March my eyes got all big and I quietly exclaimed to my computer, "Oh-ma-god!"  

One-hundred and twenty-eight.  128.

When I ordered the chickens and ducks at this time last year--the chickens birthday was Monday, the ducks is in a few weeks--I was concerned that they may not make enough eggs for us.  If you recall, we started out with five chickens and three ducks.  Little Fiona died as a chick, and Norah turned out to be a rooster who had to be re-homed.  That left us with the six ladies we have now.  

And honestly, I don't know what we'd do with eggs from two more chickens.  I mean, we can go through a dozen eggs a week, but that's not even half of what we're getting.  And we've been giving plenty away too.  It's a little crazy how many eggs you can get with even a really small flock of birds, yes?  I really wish I could remember what it was that had me worried.

This month's breakdown:

  • Ingrid: 27
  • Tori: 23
  • Alanis: 20
  • Macy: 16
  • Kaki and Ella: 42