Lani on the Lam

Despite carefully doing the math for "how many chickens you can have in x amount of yard without the yard getting destroyed" our backyard is starting to look like this:


Add in the fact that I've been home during the day--and sometimes I need the dogs to go outside right now--and we decided that the ladies needed their own special yard where they can scratch in safety to their hearts' content.  (The plan is to still let them range in the entire yard for a few hours each day once the garden is nicely established.  Just not all day, everyday.)


The ducks were not upset with this new confinement, as long as their pool was included.

Tori and Ingrid would rather be out pecking through the garden and yard, but are mostly content to stay put.

Alanis said, "To heck with this!" and quickly took advantage of her lighter weight to fly over the fence.

But jail breaks can sometimes be dangerous.  The first time she got out, Moe and Porter happened to be out too.  According to Sweet Husband, who was there for the whole chase, Porter noticed her first, but was too slow to catch her.  Then Moe realized what was up.

Lucky for Ms. Lani, this was the one time in twenty that Moe decided to listen when his human started yelling and waiving hands.  She lost a handful of feathers, but didn't suffer any major injury.  She didn't learn any lessons either though, and fifteen minutes later she had hopped the fence again.

The next day, we clipped one of her wings in an attempt to keep her safely penned-in.  She can still get over the fence though, so either we didn't clip enough or we're going to have to invest in some netting to put over the top of the yard to keep this mastermind chicken safe.