Nonsensical Plantings

There has to be a diagnosis for people who plant seeds too early in the Spring.  Because it's crazy nonsense to gamble on the weather and plant things early, when just waiting a few weeks would virtually eliminate the risk of a killing frost.

In my defense, I did check the ten-day forecast to make sure it would be reasonably warm for a bit.  Further, this weekend it was gorgeous here!  Eighty or ninety degrees, breezy, beautiful.  And the Kid cooperated so well by napping on the porch on Saturday, that by Sunday I had gotten the garden sorted out well enough to plant some things.  And when it's that pretty out....well, how could I help myself?

Of course, some were very sensible things for early April--some peas, rainbow chard, onions.  But some were not so much--a little potted lavender bush that I'm going to have to cover every night this month, some cilantro, some dill.  And the hedge of cosmos seeds I painstakingly spread out?  Downright silliness, I tell you!