Of Broccoli and Moonlight

Every few weeks or so we have baked potatoes for dinner.  Like, the loaded kind--almost more broccoli than potato, plus cheese, onions, and a little bacon if we happen to have some around.  Easy + good = dinner solved.

Today, I went to work for the afternoon and left Sweet Husband with the Kiddo.  

Incidentally, if you're feeling in a rut and want to get excited about your job again, take a month and a half off.  Can I tell you how nice it was to file a case?  This particular one wasn't actually due until June, but I busted it out just because it was little and I could.  There's something fabulous about checking something off a list and knowing that it's actually gone forever and isn't going to reoccur in three hours.

But back to the potatoes.

Sweet Husband put them in the oven for dinner as I was driving home, so by the time I got there all there was to do was chop and steam the broccoli.  Kiddo and I got that going while Sweet Husband went out to water our newly planted grass and strawberries.

But of course, the Kid (or maybe his mama) couldn't stand to stay inside on such a gorgeous night when there was gardening to be done.  It was perfectly warm, and the moon was just coming out.  Plus, there are only what seems like a handful of nice Spring nights before the bugs start coming out in hordes.  I figured we could duck outside for just a few minutes and keep Sweet Husband company while the broccoli finished cooking.

I blame the boys, really.  Sweet Husband and I started talking about this and that.  And the Kiddo and I were literally dancing in the moonlight.  (I love the way he insists on being held so that he can see the sky.)  Before I knew it twenty or thirty minutes had flittered by.

Incidentally, did you know that broccoli smells really, really bad when it's overcooked?  Turns a nasty color too.  But potatoes are pretty good, even with just cheese and onions.