Sweater Dress-Up

Remember all those sweaters?  Well, although there are a few around here that are still sitting around without sleeves, this afternoon we decided to try on some that are finished.  

This one actually just got sleeved-up this week.  (Details.)  This is the second time I've made this pattern (first one here), which says something about how much I love it.  I hardly ever knit anything twice.


I made it to fit next Winter, and it looks like it actually might.  (This whole sizing thing is so much easier with an actual baby to try things on!)


And a few more....

On the left, the February Baby Sweater I made last Fall.  It fits now, but it's just a little...feminine.  I'm disappointed, because this is another pattern I could make over and over again--one in every size until he starts kindergarten--but something about the cut of it just isn't quite the thing for a little boy.

On the right, his finished Baby Surprise Jacket, which is another one that I think will fit properly next Fall.

While I'm glad that we're (hopefully) to the warmer part of the year now, part of me can't wait for next Winter when we can pull out all of his sweaters again!