Good Sleep Karma

I had a dream the other night.  In my dream, I woke-up for what I knew was the first time that night, turned to look at our alarm clock, and saw that it said "7:30".  A choir of angels swooped in singing and bearing a bottle of champagne, and Sweet Husband and I hugged each other in our pajamas as the cork flew.

And then the Kiddo cried and I woke up for 5:32.

But really, even though my subconscious apparently disagrees, that's completely livable.  We do last call at 10 or 11.  He wakes up once, only about an hour before my alarm clock would go off on a "school day".  And, because he's only up once a night now, Sweet Husband and I are trading "nights" instead of "shifts".  So, every other night, I get to sleep all night.

[The Kid, sleeping through breakfast on his dad's lap at a busy restaurant.]

I never know what to say when people ask how things are going with the baby.  There's no pat answer I can give that describes it, so I always end up reverting to his sleeping habits.  "We're only up once a night now, so things are good."  "He sleeps like a rock.  It's so awesome!"  "I don't understand how we got so lucky as to have a good sleeper."  And so on.

In a karmic kind of way, it scares me to draw attention to it though.  It's like saying "Voldemort" out loud.  'Cause even if this one keeps sleeping the night away (and that could certainly change at any moment) what if we decide to have another some day in the far, far away future?  I'm a little afraid that we've gotten our fair portion of sweet, sleepy baby and any others would be terrors. 

Reminds me of when we decided to get Moe.  Porter had been so little trouble, that it was like, "How bad could a second dog be?"  Come to think of it, that was the last time Sweet Husband and I slept in shifts--the months after we brought Moe home.  He thought he needed to be let out three or four times a night, and cried so loud that ignoring him was not even a possibility.

Actually, maybe I'm looking at this all wrong.  Maybe the Kiddo is karma's way of paying us back--in a good way--for not selling Moe-moe to the gypsies.