Ooh Baby, Baby, It's a Wild World

(I don't believe in sound with blog posts.  I've gotten busted too many times!  But if it's safe for you, open Cat Stevens in another window to get the full effect, and because, well, he's awesome.)


One of my favorite things about being his mommy?  Getting to imagine the world through his eyes.

Like, how miraculous must it seem to spend your first afternoon in the park, wiggling your toes in the grass, looking up at the blooming trees, feeling the warmth of the sun?  (And having your mama there as "shade tree" to keep your eyes from hurting, of course.) 


Just think about a world where origami birds and bright wooden rings are the best part of your day.

And music and books!  He's been a music fan since before he was born, but now we're learning to love books too--some Dr. Seuss, our favorite food books.  It makes me want to jump up and down a little for joy to think about all the wonderful places this will eventually lead him to--Hogwarts castle, Narnia, the Hundred-Acre Wood....I just can't wait for him to experience all of it!