Taking Our Chicken Show On the Road

IMG_5952 Knox7

"This is Tori.  She's a Buff Orpington chicken, and she lives in my backyard."

That was my introduction to many a small person at the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library Green Fair, which Tori and I participated in this past weekend.  

We agreed to host a booth as a favor to a friend, but I didn't quite realize how much fun it would be.  On the way home, I remarked to Sweet Husband that if the law thing ever falls through, I could really see myself becoming some sort of advocate for local food.  I'm certainly not an expert chicken keeper, but I surprised myself a little at how many questions I was able to answer just from my own experience.  I've become a little evangelical about it all, really.

We also met some fellow urban chicken keepers.  One lady had a Rhode Island Red that's still laying an egg a day at six years old!  Several wanted to discuss problems with foxes and other critters.  I love getting the chance to compare notes like that.

And Tori?  Well, she got more scratch (her "candy", as I explained to the kiddos) to herself than she's ever had in her life, courtesy of little hands wanting to feed her.  I can only imagine her conversation with her sisters upon her return: 

"There's this magical place called the Library where everyone has scratch in their hands all the time...."  

Suffice to say, both woman and chicken had a delightful time!