His First Easter Basket

Another thing I have been so looking forward to about being a parent?  All those magical beings from my childhood get to start visiting again.  Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny...oh, how I've missed you!

Of course, Kiddo doesn't really know about them all yet, but that doesn't stop them from coming.  And this year--because it was just a little more convenient for mama and the Easter Bunny didn't mind--Kiddo's Easter basket even came a few days early.KnoxJust like I remember him doing for me when I was little, the Easter Bunny brought the Kid a new Spring toy and some new clothes.  (I believe the Bunny may have found the toy--a teether--here.)  Because the Easter Bunny is a smart rabbit, he didn't bring candy this year.  I'm sure that will be added to next year's basket.  (You know...when the Kid has teeth.)

While the Easter Bunny took care of the Kiddo, I was left to make up goodie baskets for some of my other favorite people.  (Quit reading Sweet Sister.)  For my girlies, some tiny-box-baskets with candy, lip-gloss, and a pretty new bag.  For another small one we're seeing this weekend, a new, literally, Spring-y friend. (Pattern details here.)

Happy Spring everyone!