This Is Our Family

It's still a little discombobulating.  To look at a picture of "us" and see a third person there.  As Sweet Husband was silly-babbling at the Kid this evening, "It's so weird to be a dad.  I have a dad...and now I am a dad...very strange...."

Sometimes though, I think the Kiddo thinks it's all strange too.

We had the big family Easter this weekend.  Lots of people, lots of noise, lots of food.  As I was sorting through the pictures, I noticed that in each one the Kid has this look on his face--Where am I?  Who are these people?  What's going on?

Well, my love, this is our family.

Sometimes they're a little crazy.

Sometimes they might even squish you just a bit.

But most of the time they laugh a lot.

And (here's the best part) they all already love you to bits.  I'm pretty sure you're gonna love them too.