Chicks 2.0

From left to right:

Madonna ("Madge" for everyday)--a Polish.  (Here's a picture of what she might look like as a grown-up.)

Etta (James)--a Black Frizzle.  (She's a few days older than the other three, so she's already into her awkward growing-big-girl-feathers stage.  But she'll be very pretty.)

Bonnie (Tyler) and Patty (Smyth)--two Buckeyes.  (Grown-up Buckeyes.)  

This time I tracked down a local chicken breeder rather than ordering them from a hatchery.  I was specifically looking for someone that had the Buckeyes.  If you read about the breed, they're kind of bad-ass chickens.  The Buckeye is the only breed of chicken to have been developed by a woman.  They're cold-hardy, good egg layers, and they also can reputedly catch and kill mice.  Hence, the eighties rocker names!

I didn't intend to get two, but the Nice Chicken Lady offered to throw in one for free.  I couldn't say no to that, although I'm getting a little superstitious about having seven in our flock.  It never seems to work out for long.

But maybe the answer is to track down one more chicken.  I've discovered the elusive lavender orpington, and I'm getting a teensy bit obsessed with finding one locally.  I'll have to luck into one soon though, as I want all our girlies to be pretty close to the same age.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must wander out to tuck the little ladies in for the night.