Spring Feasts

There are many good reasons for eating seasonally, but the very best one--in my humble opinion--is that it makes dinner a bit of a celebration.  

If you can only eat fresh-picked asparagus from Pendleton's for a few weeks, it's all that much more special.  If you only have morels for one dinner each Spring, it makes a lovely occasion to pull out the pretty napkins and nice china.  

For the asparagus, I recommend roasting them, wrapping them in prosciutto, and dipping them in the yolks of some soft poached eggs.  (If you can get them from your own backyard, all the better!)

The morels are a more delicate matter.  Breaded and fried is always yummy, but to really get the fullest flavor I like them sauteed in garlic and browned butter over pasta.  (Like this.)

Another great thing about Spring feasts?  They're a prelude to the Summer ones...can I tempt anyone with a sun-warmed tomato topped with fresh basil and a sprinkle of salt?  I just got the tomato plants in the ground this week!Donnieandsarah3