Happy Mother's Day

There's something about having a baby that makes you want to call your mom and tell her you love her, like, ten times a day!  So, in that spirit, happy, happy Mother's Day....

To my mama...who did not throw me out of the house when I was fifteen, despite ample provocation...who gave me hugs when I needed them, and a kick in the pants when I needed that too...and who has never left any doubt in my mind that she would still jump in front of a train for me, without even thinking about it for a second first.

To my step-mom...who often comes through with things I didn't even know I needed...including an ear to vent to and someone being, not just on my side, but fiery about being on my side...and who makes my dad so very happy.

And to my mom-in-law...who always amazes me with her selflessness...who I can only hope to emulate in the task of raising a boy to be a man...and who took these pictures no one else thought to snap of me and the little guy in the week after he was born.  

(Truly, I about cried when I realized I didn't have a single shot of the two of us together.  It's a hazard of always being the one behind the camera.  And they're not even goofy lookin'.  Best Mother's Day Present Eva!)