Three Months


He loves his papa...and Shel Silverstein.

He loves his ba...and mama likes to cuddle while he eats.
He hates tummy his opinion, it is an evil, evil part of the day.


However, it's paying off.  He started rolling over this week!  (And he hit 15 pounds too...which seems like a milestone to me although I don't know why.)

From my end of things, it's getting hard to remember the time before.  Theoretically, I know there was a time when he wasn't here, but I just can't recall what it was really like or what we did with ourselves.

I kind of remember that person (you know, the "me" of six months ago) worrying that it would be a sacrifice to devote so much time to taking care of a small one.  When would I knit or garden or take pictures?  Of course, taking care of the baby would come first, but it would be hard to give up my hobbies.  But I've figured out...

  1. There is still time for that stuff--there's just a little less of it.  It's all about learning not to dawdle.  
  2. Most of the time--let's say 97%--babbling at him is what I would choose, even if I could slip away to do those other things.  Hanging out with him is my new favorite hobby.

In short, the "new normal" is starting to just feel "normal".  Our days and weeks are starting to get a little rhythm finally...and while we're still having some parental freak-outs and our fair share of mommy-and-daddy-worry....on the whole, it's a good slice of life.