Little Birds, Little Birds


About a month ago, a pair of starlings began making a nest on our (still unscreened) back porch.  Sweet Husband kept promising to chase them off, but he was so busy at the time.  And, even if they are nuisance birds, I was enjoying watching them furtively sneak bits of nesting material in and out, so I didn't push the issue.

A few weeks later, the tiny "cheeps" started.  

The video clip above doesn't do them justice.  It was shot during a "quiet" moment when only one wee bird was "talking".  When all of them get going, it's a bit maddening.

And when you combine their cheeps, with the cheeps of the seven small chicks in the shed--oh yes, if you stand in the yard, you can hear them all together--I've caught myself humming (to the tune of the song from Annie)....

"Some women are dripping with diamonds

Some women are dripping with pearls

Lucky me!  Lucky me!

Look at what I'm dripping with 

Liii-ttle birds...."