Inspiring Eats

For the last few months of my pregnancy, I was not so into food.  Or rather, I wasn't so into cooking.  There was a lot of "I need muffins, NOW", and "Mmm...a cheeseburger sounds so good".  But there was very little making of real food in our actual kitchen.

Then, of course, we had the baby.  And ate a lot of cheese and crackers and yogurt and anything else that's good cold and capable of being eaten one-handed.

Really, there hadn't been much cooking in our house for quite awhile, until about two weeks ago.  

It may have been the Spring air and a few trips to the farmer's market.  It may be the fact that I'm getting uber-close to pre-baby weight (if you're counting calories, you don't waste them on boring food).  Whatever it is, all of a sudden food has become really inspiring again.  Like, checking-out-a-dozen-cookbooks-from-the-library, scouring-food-blogs-all-day inspiring.  

A few of the successes:

Roasted radishes.  I hesitated to even plant a few radishes in the garden this year, because there are only so many you can eat raw.  I'd never thought of radishes as a hot food before, but I think this might be my new favorite way to eat them.  They're like roasted potatoes with a kick.  (The turkey panini that accompanies them is nothing to sniff at either!)

Some awesome ribs and barbecue sauce.  I don't really do meat that's still on the bone.  Something about it is too much work.  (Says the girl who will suck every last drop of meat out of a Dungeness crab and then lick the shell.)  But Sweet Husband loves ribs.  And when we had these ("probably the best ribs I've ever had", quoth Sweet Husband) at a friend's party a few weeks ago, I knew I could score some good wife-y points if I got the recipe and made them again sometime.

I still can't say I was crazy about the messy meat, but the sauce...oh my goodness, the sauce.

The burger salad.  I completely stole this idea from our favorite burger joint.  You take everything you'd put on the bun, and put it on a bed of greens instead.  Top it with a little salad dressing, and it's perfect.  (This particular burger salad is a brie and cranberry burger.)

A few other yummy bits that we've tried lately or that are on the list to make soon:

Tuck in, kids--tuck in!