Spurts of Making

For obvious reasons, I'm becoming a fan of the quick-and-dirty craftiness.  Here are a few little fun things that can be made in fifteen minutes....


Do you remember finger-weaving?  That's how these bracelets were made--by finger weaving strips of jersey knit fabric.  (Tutorial here.)  The one on the left was made with three fingers, the one on the right with two.  As the tutorial says, they're super summery, and cutting the jersey was the longest part!  

I wanted to get the Kiddo some black and white pictures to look at when he's on his changing table.  (Think of it as "reading material" for the under six month set--har, har.)  The problem was...um, I have a book buying addiction.  As in, I want to buy him every kid's book I ever loved, and more besides.  So I've had to set a budget--Harold and the Purple Crayon beat Art Cards this week.

But the internet is wonderful.  I poked around for "black and white images for baby" and found these.  A little faux washi tape to afix them to the wall, and voila!

For the very first time, we had more garlic than we could use before it started sprouting.  (A little sprouted is ok, but these were starting to become more like mini-plants.)  

So, out came the trusty dehydrator.  I peeled and cut up about four bulbs, and left them to dry for several hours.  (OK, that part took more than fifteen minutes, but you know what I mean--active prep time.)  When they were sufficiently brittle, I gave them a whiz in the food processor, and now we'll have garlic powder to help tide us over until this summer's garlic is ready.