All Things Teethers (And a Little Giveaway)

The Kiddo doesn't have teeth yet--it's still early--but we are preparing for that eventuality.  And teeth or no, his new zen activity is gumming and sucking.  It's exploration by drool.

So I've been making/improving/pulling out some teething toys.  

First, the mama-made one--these little bead-y, fabric rings.  (Which already have the Kiddo seal of approval, as you can see below!)  I used this tutorial, although you can probably figure it out on your own--it's wooden beads, inside a knotted fabric sleeve.    

Needless to say, you want to back stitch the heck out of the ends to keep the beads safely inside.  (Thread is cheap, and if I never have to do the Heimlich maneuver on my Kiddo it will be too soon!)  

Also, if you're going to go to the trouble of getting out your sewing machine, might as well make a few.  Supposedly, you can throw them in the washing machine to clean them, and I think they'd be adorable as a package tie-on for a baby shower.  

Second, improved upon toy #1--his bunny.  (We got him from Smiling Tree Toys--such a cheerful name, yes?)  I noticed that the Kiddo would try to put it in his mouth, but then would make the most awful face when he tasted the wood.  Curious, I tried putting the bunny in my mouth, and discovered that his assessment was correct--raw wood on your tongue is a little odd feeling.

So, we improved Mr. Bunny by adding a nice, chewy ribbon tail.  (And the good part about the ribbons is that, if they get grungy, I can just snip them off and add new ones.)


Third, another improved upon toy--a pretty little ring covered with knitted yarn.  (This is an absolute, shameless knock-off of these.)  I bought the wooden ring, and added the yarn myself.  I knitted it flat, and then stitched up the edges around the ring.IMG_6780

Fourth, a toy I pulled out of the toy basket--this cutie taggie.  Nice Cousin made this for the Kiddo before he was born.  It has something crinkle-y inside (a piece of cookie packaging?) that makes it nice and noisy, in addition to the ribbons and soft fabric for sucking on.  (Here's a tutorial for a similar taggie.)

Add in a little teething gel and some baby tylenol, and I think we might be set.


And since I made extras--and it's May Giveaway Day, woohoo!--a little bead-y, fabric-y teething ring, handmade by moi.  (And not pre-sucked on by the Kid, I promise!)  If you're interested, comment below (by midnight on May 25th) with either a) your favorite teething remedy (for the baby), or b) your favorite cocktail (for the mama).  

The winner--chosen by low-tech random number picker--is Robyn, who said:

"My boy is just the right age for this, (7 months in 3 days). And if I win it would save me having to go buy beads, because I'm getting one of these one way or another! My "cocktail" of choice is leftover coffee over ice with dark chocolate syrup and almond milk! I'm so tired. ;)"

Coffee is a lifesaver!