The Pregnant Year

Today is a sweet anniversary for me.  I didn't write about it at the time--it was a secret from everyone for a few days, and from all but our very dearest for a few months--but a year ago today I found out that I was pregnant.

I think I'll always remember the (there's no other word for it), that mounted all afternoon as I sat in my office waiting to be able to go home and take a test.  I know it's easy to say in hindsight, but I just had a feeling that everything had worked.  And in absence of proof to the contrary, I was floating.

I had come up with all sorts of cute ways to tell Sweet Husband, but in the end what happened was perfect.  About five seconds after the test showed a positive result, I heard Sweet Husband open the front door.  I met him half way up the stairs, and--because I still hadn't even had a moment to process it all myself--just blurted out, "We're having a baby!"

And then there were a few moments of hugging and happiness, followed by a few longer moments of "What do we do now?"  And then we did what we always do to celebrate good news--we went to dinner.

And the year that has followed...It almost makes me dizzy to look back on it all now.  There were times it felt so slow, of course, but really this past year was one of the fastest of my life so far.  Feeling icky last summer...waiting anxiously for his first tiny movements...finding out that we were indeed having a little boy...watching my belly grow bigger, and bigger, and bigger...knitting sweaters and getting his room ready...those last two looong weeks of waiting....  

It's a little mind blowing to think that my fifteen pound "chunky monkey" was no bigger than an appleseed the last time the Earth was in this place around the sun.  (And it's even more mind blowing to think where he'll be at this time next year--toddling around the garden, chasing chickens, getting dirty!)

Yes, yes...we've had quite a year.