Just Quilt It

I have a little mental block when it comes to quilting.  

I want to have a house full of quilts.  I want to have picnic blankets and throws and quilts to curl up under in a snowstorm.  But it always seems like a lot of math--a lot of measuring, a lot of exact cutting, a lot of if-you're-off-by-a-quarter-inch-the-whole-thing-is-ruined.  (Have I mentioned that I once almost failed geometry?)

So I plan and I daydream and I doodle...but I very rarely make an actual quilt.  And because I don't try very often, I don't get better at it.  It's a vicious cycle.

But, mid-last-week, inspiration seemed to be bombarding me from all sides.  (Here, here, here, and here.)  So, I decided to quit planning and just do it.  With only the roughest idea of measurements--I held the fabric up to my batting, eyeballed it, and judged that it was close enough--I just started cutting.

Big long strips of fabric.  Some bright orange thread.  And at the end of a few hours, I had a quilt.  

It's a little crooked and lumpy around the edges, yes...but I think it will serve its purpose in life.