Their Ghetto Sun Porch


I've gotten so ghetto about this year's chickies.  They're absolutely picked up after and well fed and watered.  But, whereas last years chickens got a pretty brooder and a cute coop, this year's are getting, "What do we have in the shed that I can tape and super glue together?"

Case in point, their new front porch.  They need to be outside on warm days, but they're not big enough to be completely free in our yard without supervision.  I had a roll of chicken wire and a baby on my hip.  (Doesn't that sound like a country song?)  So I tacked the wire up around the front of our shed and opened the door.

You can't see it in these pictures, but there's an awning over the top, which is just perfect for protecting them from predators of the flying variety.  There's still the possibility of a cat, but--other than sending Moe out for regular patrols--there's only so much I can do to protect them from that.  And they can get back in for a warm-up under their heat lamp too, so that works wonderfully.

So far, the chicks seem to approve.
The big girls--who are let out for foraging a few hours each evening--have been mildly interested in the babies, but they're even more interested in finding dandelions.  We won't integrate the two flocks until the babies are quite a bit bigger.