A Crafty Nook

When we moved into our house, I claimed the landing at the top of the stairs as space for my crafty supplies.  

The bulk of my goodies are in three lockers (yay IKEA!), but I love having certain things out too.  

Knitting needles in the evening sun...bright slips of ribbon and fabric and yarn...collections of buttons....they're all too pretty to be hidden away, and having them out reminds me to use them!

Plus, it gives me an excuse to indulge in collecting vintage jars.  They're about the only thing I "collect" these days, but they're so practical for holding bits and bobs.  The blue ones are my favorite.

 I want to put more art in this area eventually, but for now I just have my little embroidery hoop.  The work inside of it is the corner of a tea towel that was stitched by my great-grandmother.  It feels so perfectly at home looking out over all my "tools".