A Small Gathering Under a Small Banner

Because I like to memorialize these things, this weekend was anniversary number seven for Sweet Husband and I.  We considered doing the swanky dinner out, but ultimately decided to have a very small gathering of friends at home instead.  (We invited the "Best Men" from our wedding, which I thought was cute touch, if I do say so.)

I imagined we'd put the Kid to bed just a little early, start grilling pizzas just as everyone arrived, and guzzle wine and plum iced tea and chocolate cake until the wee smalls.

And then the Kiddo's teeth picked just about that second--almost seven years to the minute from when his mama and papa said "I do", in fact--to let their presence be known.  So there went the plan, along with any opportunity to snap a few pictures.

But, this is the advantage in having a party of only people you dearly love, and who love you in return...no one minds munching on veggies and humus for an extra few minutes while mom and dad and grandma, even, try to get the Kiddo to sleep.  Once that was at last accomplished, we pulled out the yummy pizza toppings  (peaches and blue cheese, fig and prosciutto, pineapple and olives, mushrooms and asparagus) and had a regular little May feast.  Have I mentioned there was cake at the end?

And a banner.  Because how can you have a proper Spring party without a fun little banner flittering in the breeze above your heads?

This was totally a last minute, "what can I whip together with things I have in the house?" job, but I was quite pleased with the result.  I took a ball of torn up sheets (I was saving it to make a rag rug, but ah well...) and tied on strips of scrap fabric from my scrap box.  I think it may have to live in our yard all Summer.