The May Egg Layin'


Alanis--our little Easter Egger who has been laying pretty blue eggs without a break since early October--has finally given up the ghost this month.  She laid nine eggs in early May, but is now clearly taking a very well-deserved rest.

Ingrid, the Maran, is nothing more or less than an eggy powerhouse.  She laid 28 eggs this month--almost one a day, which is good enough for me by itself.  

But the really impressive part is that--in my nerdy stats keeping--I'm starting to get enough data to see bigger trends, if you can call them that.  Ingrid's lifetime total since she started laying last September is 170 eggs.  With both other birds right around the 120 mark, either they're lazy or Ingrid is a rockstar.  (I choose to believe the's more fun.)

If this is a preview of what's to come with the Marans, we're going to have all kinds of pretty chocolate colored eggs once the baby Marans start laying this Fall.

At 23 eggs this month--and small eggs, at that--Tori just can't keep up with Ms. Ingrid.  Fortunately for her though, she landed on a "farm" where looks and sweetness get you everywhere!