He Has Muchness


Our little family joke....because no matter how lovingly we coo it, everyone seems to take offense when we call him "Fatty".  But I'm proud of his little chubby belly.  I know it's more luck-of-the-genetic-draw than something we've earned, but it makes me all warm and accomplished feeling inside to have such a fat-and-happy-and-healthy little fella.

We went in for his four month check-up today.  Sixteen-and-half pounds and twenty-seven inches long--he's in the 97th percentile for height, so maybe it would be more correct to say he's tall, rather than fat.

And, we got the green light to start real food when we think he's ready.  

I am inordinately excited about that.  Like, I've been considering what his first food should be from the instant I counted on my fingers and realized he would be of food eating age at the height of summer produce season.  Doc says cereal or veggies first, so I'm thinking maybe carrots or avocado?  Or maybe some whole grain cereal?  (Love Cynthia Lair's book, by the way--so many yummy looking recipes for feeding kiddos without making completely separate meals.)

Sweet Husband (often the more grounded party around these parts) is holding me in check for at least a little bit longer, until the Kid can sit up better and starts showing more interest in what we're eating.  (I've been told that waiving grilled cheese in front of him so that he'll grab it doesn't count!)  I'm trying so hard not to rush him, but please-please-maybe soon? 


[P.S., just in case you're interested, the ties came from Etsy seller, Cuddle Bug Gifts.  I ordered the stripey one, and she tossed in the polka dots (which I think I may like even better) as a freebie.]