Laundry Soap Redux


I know I've talked about this before, but I've changed my method a bit and it's a good one to re-discuss.

For about two years now, we've been making our own laundry soap.  It's a simple recipe--2 parts bar soap (Ivory, Zote, Fels Naptha, Dr. Bonner's), 1 part washing soda, 1 part borax--and at about two tablespoons per load it's crazy economical. 

I use the grater attachment on my food processor to grate the soap.  Then I mix all the ingredients together and give them a quick whiz with the regular blade to really break the soap flakes up into a powder.  (I think this idea came from Heather?  It makes it dissolve so much better in the wash.)

I have been using Ivory soap, because it's easily available and inexpensive.  But this time, just for kicks, I tossed in a few bars of lavender Dr. Bonner's to add a touch of smell.

I also made a massive batch.  It's not much worse than baking cookies, but making laundry soap is a little bit messy--the borax gets air borne.  It's not as if soap goes bad though, so this weekend I brought the food processor onto our back porch and went to town.  

I made a little too much to fit in our designated laundry soap box, in fact, so if anyone is interested in trying some, drop me a comment below.  (Say whatever you want, but if you're stuck for ideas, how about your least favorite kind of stain?)  

I'll randomly giveaway my two extra jars (to two people).  Depending on whether or not you have a cloth diapered four month old in your family, it might last you a week or more!

OK, so I couldn't figure out how to do this randomly, and still get the soap into the hands of the two of you how actually wanted some, so I'm just going to send it to the two people who said they wanted to try it (Angela and JC)...hope that doesn't completely offend anyone!  :)