A Tale of the Tooth

For about three weeks now, evil has had a new name at our house--we call it "the tooth".

The Kid is refusing to nap, despite being obviously exhausted--it's that darn tooth's fault.

The hens miss a day of laying eggs--it's got to have something to do with that tooth.

Global warming....

It has to cut through his gums soon right?  (Don't answer that...unless your answer is, "Yes, in fact, I'll bet it already has!"  And no, we're not going to talk about the fact that we still have nineteen teeth to go.)

This weekend, the tooth has been particularly making it's presence known, which made me a little sad because I wanted Sweet Husband to have such a nice first Father's Day.  Nonetheless, we tried to make the best of it....


Sidecars and homemade ricotta for dinner Saturday night....

Savory pancakes with chard from the garden for breakfast...and a new coffee grinder to make Sweet Husband's espresso experiments even better.  (I swear, that's what he wanted, but I'm not going to pretend it won't make my mornings happier too!)

And then, just as I was finishing up the breakfast dishes, that old tooth started acting up for reals.  Poor Kiddo was all kinds of miserable, so we all hopped into the car to see if we could find some distraction.

We ended up at a previously unexplored flea market, where the Kid--absolutely plum tuckered out from crying and drooling--crashed out on my chest as we walked around.  We were enjoying the quiet moment--commiserating with the proprietor about teething babies--when we ran smack dab into this old dear:
Those of you who've been around awhile know I'm a big fan of Amanda Soule.  She claims that thrifting works better when you make a list or say out loud what it is that you need--think of it as letting the universe know what you're looking for so that it can deliver.

You can call it silly if you want to, but it tends to work for me.

Our rather large collection of jointly inherited china has been residing in this cabinet in our dining room.  It's pretty, but it's a lot of glass for a house with a little one.  For the past few weeks--since the Kid has gotten proficient at rolling over, and we've realized that he's going to be mobile soon--Sweet Husband and I have been talking about how we really needed to buckle down and find something safer.  

And--voila, look at that--it magicked right up for us!

It needs love, but we got it for a song.  Once we're out of too-humid-to-paint season (so, you know, in October), I want to sand it, paint it, and replace the hardware.  But the shape was too perfect to pass up, and all of our china fits inside cozily.  (And then Sweet Husband also found that pretty blue bowl all tucked back on an out of the way shelf--another steal!)

I should probably credit the tooth for the finds.  After all, if not for it, we might not have gone to the flea market today.  Maybe that tooth isn't pure evil after all....

Nah, even fun thrifting finds don't make up for making my baby unhappy.